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Making Mum smile every Mother’s Day can be a tricky business, especially when you can’t spend the full day together!

Flowers are lovely and chocolates are always a winner but if you want to push the surprise factor up a notch or two this year, why not check out our Hot List to make you the number one child (sideways glance at my brothers)!

Gold Orangutang Ornament
What better gift to a mother from her little monkey, than this fabulous Orangutang. We love this cheeky chap and think he’s the perfect addition to any home. What Momma isn’t going to see him everyday, smile, and fondly think of the giver!
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Gold Deco Palm
We’d all love to whisk our beloved Mothers away to warmer climes but short of a lottery win, that’s just not happening (sorry Mum!). However, we can evoke cocktails on white sandy beaches with this lovely little gold palm.
Maybe chuck in a bottle of rum for extra holiday vibes!
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Leopard Print Glass Vase
Give those obligatory flowers an edgy twist with this beautiful vase! Leopard print might be considered a neutral, but it’s the coolest one there is and there’s is no bouquet on earth that isn’t going to look incredible in this setting!
Between flower arrangements light this beauty up with a tea light and show off those fabulous markings.
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Delightful Green Vase
This beautiful offering will grace any setting and absolutely look the part. It’s part vase, part Object d’Art, so you may as well forgo the flowers altogether!!
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The Decorative Thistle Cushion
This stunning cushion is perfect for Mum’s weary feet at the end of a long day running around after absolutely everyone else. The bright colours and fun pattern are sure to bring joy, and frankly, who doesn’t love a tassle!
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