Your guide to WOW walls!

Weekends mean one thing in our house – Decor Planning! We love to sit in bed in the mornings, flipping through magazines, scrolling through Insta Hastags and scouting blogs for top tips!

So with that in mind, we thought we’d have a chat with you about one of the easiest and highest impact choices for your interiors – Wallpaper!

It took us several years in the interiors world to get over growing up in the 90s. Two types of primary coloured wallpaper on one wall, divided by a 6 inch strip of a third garish pattern is frankly, the stuff of nightmares (don’t tell our mums we said that!). However, the offerings of more recent years have completely changed our minds and these days we find ourselves pretty damn obsessed.

Wallpaper is so much more versatile now and the hard and fast rules are firmly out the window. Heavy patterns, dark pallets, and vibrant colours are in abundance, whilst faux effects of brick slips, tin tiles, concrete and even peeling paint create texture and interest without any major construction work.

Feature walls are perfect for those who want to play with an effect without committing to an entire room of pattern and cost. Choose a vibrant fun pattern to draw the eye and pull in elements from across the room. Our Succulents paper is perfect for this! And great for faking it if you’re not particularly Green Fingered.
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Don’t forget the 5th wall if you’re feeling extra brave. The ceiling is as large as the floor but all most always the most underdressed expanse. Why leave it white and boring when you can jazz it up with something completely fabulous. We particularly love our Tin Tiled Paper on ceilings but the only limit to over head fabulousness is your daring.
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Wallpaper is also great for zoning. If you have an open plan or multi use space and want to help break it up a bit, wall coverings are an excellent choice. Living spaces can be made cosy and comfortable, whilst dining areas can be given a sophisticated twist. Try our Revival wallpaper for zoning an airy space. The darker tones add drama whilst the lighter elements keep it tied to the rest of the room
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If you’re really feeling adventurous, why not go the whole hog and give the whole room a covering. Lighter colours bring a more subtle interest, whilst moody darks will bring a theatrical, intimate vibe. We really love our Obsession wallpaper for embracing this audacious approach!
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When all is said and done, we’re massive fans of a Wow Wall! It’s an amazing way to add personality to your space, and can be switched in and out as your design schemes change. Our advice is to go bold, and have fun!

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