A Bank Holiday G&T With The Co-Founders

Its a been a busy couple of months for you but you’ve finally made it to the Easter break. What will you be doing with yourselves?
Jess – We have a 3 year old so the long weekend is going to be filled with family time and Easter Egg hunts! She realised last year that hunts = chocolate so she’s very excited. So am I because we have 4 scheduled, I’ll be skimming a lot of that off for myself!
Ben – I thought we had four days of sitting on the sofa just relaxing? …Luckily the weather this weekend is looking amazing so being out and about (and maybe a few drinks in the sunshine) will be great!

Do you buy each other Easter gifts?
Jess – I don’t think we’ve ever given each other Easter Eggs? Ben is very lovely and brings me chocolate quite a lot but if I bought any for him I would end up eating it myself! We tend to buy each other alcohol more than anything else!
Ben – Easter gifts? It feels like every day we have a new parcel being delivered!… It’s just great to have four days with the family, that’s a good enough gift, right?
Jess – Well….I like shiny things?

Will you be putting decorations up this weekend?
Jess – I go all out at Christmas and the decorations are up for about 6 weeks, but I’ve never really gotten my head around decorating for Easter. Ralph would love eggs suspended hither and thither to play with but it would result in absolute chaos! Instead I fill loads of vases with daffodils and embrace spring by throwing open the kitchen doors. I love having the garden as an extension of our décor.
Ben – Maybe a few Easter eggs in a bowl?! Everything is starting to bloom in the garden, it feels like the springtime is giving us our own outdoor decoration. In this great weather we often move our “indoor” furniture outside. It extends our living space!

So what does your Home look like?
Jess – At the moment its a bit of a mishmash. We have plans for a big renovation so can’t do anything to some, frankly dreadful, rooms. But the rooms that have been properly done have a very maximalist, eclectic vibe, its kind of Plush Industrial. There’s lots of soft textures, brass and marble, alongside brick slips, Edison bulbs, and scaffold board shelving. And of course leopard print forever!
Ben – I have always been a fan of industrial. I like brick, I like wood, and I like interesting light fixtures. Dark materials and a newly found love of indoor plants is currently making me a happy man. Jess is definitely more on the quirky side and constantly pushing my boundaries on interiors. I never thought I’d have any pink in my house and now we have a pink fringe lamp and I LOVE it!
Jess – He thought I’d lost my mind when I first suggested that, but he’s oddly territorial about it now.

What’s your top tip for achieving this look?
Jess – Mix up your materials. More is more so if you love it, buy it!
Ben – Previously, I have been very matchy, matchy. I used to love symmetry but actually using experimental positioning of furniture and a periodic rotation, provides a nice refresh to our home. Mix materials (wood, metal, soft-furnishings), layer fabrics and bring the quirk in! Lux pieces look awesome with our brickslip backdrop and industrial shelving so have fun and experiment!

What is your favourite item on Focist right now?
Jess – That’s so hard because it changes every day. I’m desperate to use our Succulents Wallpaper but I can’t until our walls are in all the right places! I am completely in love with our Golden Orangutan though. He makes me smile every time I look at him.
BenThe Daybed. THE DAYBED! I’m a real fan of bamboo. Bamboo, for me, feels like it’s a really adaptable look, can be used indoors or outdoors and can look great in any style you are going for. I also love our spherical black floor lamp. We’ve put a big squirrel cage bulb in ours and it makes a big impact in the evenings

*Todays Gin – Bathtub Gin with a squeeze of lime and a splash of tonic*

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