A G&T With….Debbie Allen

We sat down with the extremely talented Debbie of PennyFeathersVintage to chat interiors and inspirations….

We’ve been fans of yours since the moment we clapped eyes on your work! How long have you been painting? Has it been a new venture or life-long love?

Well I’ve always done some form of creative activity. I had a stall down Camden lock many moons ago doing restored vintage clothing and my own designs… I’ve painted on lots of things and then eventually moved to pet drawings using my love of pattern. My first paintings were more mixed media with collages, which I started in 2018. So I’m actually relatively new to painting to be honest and I’ve not had any formal training in art … I have been a Special Needs teacher working with complex needs children for many years… so this is all new to me!

Where do you get your inspiration?

I love lots of artists : Klimt for his use of pattern …Tamara Lempicka for her Porcelain features… Picasso and of course Corbusier. Inspiration may come from a word, a theme, a photo or an era such as the 1930’s 1940’s. I love anything vintage – a bit like me I guess!

There’s a real sense of empowerment across your ladies. Does this translate for you personally?

Empowerment I guess for me stems from bringing two children up as a single mother and forging a career to support us. I believe in a strong will and always trying in this life.

Our walls are peppered with your paintings, and your work is gracing homes of interiors lovers across the country. What does your own home look like?

My home is pretty sparse at the moment as it’s up for sale and I’ve painted all walls white and covered over hand painted murals and got rid of the dark interiors! I’ve got a few gallery walls with some of my work left though. There’s lots of furniture that I change up and paint … I’m just a recycler at heart I guess! My house is minimal at present although my girls would argue and say I’m a hoarder! I think it’s the teacher in me!

What is your Focist Favourite?

The Leopard Print Vase, and the fabulous Day Bed.

And finally, and possibly most importantly, what’s your gin of choice?! 

My favourite gin is I guess Gordon’s traditional with tonic lots of ice and a wedge of lemon. I can’t bear lime in it! I’m old fashioned at heart I guess. Check out Debbie’s amazing artwork on Focist and watch this space for a very exciting, exclusive collection!

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