The Goddess Collection: Meet The Goddesses

When the fabulous Debbie at Pennyfeathersvintage offered us an exclusive collection of empowered women for Focist clients, we immediately knew what we wanted the theme to be!

I passionately studied Classical Civilisation way back when and love this ancient world of the Gods. Harnessing these amazing personifications of nature and strength seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring this part of my life into another area I’m fiercely passionate about!

Debbie did us proud and we’re absolutely thrilled to introduce you to these incredible women…..

Athena has always been my absolute favourite goddess! You know why? Because she’s a total badass that’s why!! Not only is she the Goddess of Wisdom (yep, the woman knows every thing), but she’s also the Goddess of Heroic Endeavour. All those Greek Hero’s you know about: Perseus, Jason, Hercules…. they did it all for her. She inspired people to be the best version of themselves. And when all that failed, she was a master of war strategy, leading armies into battle and giving Odysseus the bright idea of the Trojan Horse!

Talking of favourites…I studied Ancient Greek art and architecture and that means I have an all time favourite statue: The Winged Victory of Samothrace, otherwise known as The Nike in the Louvre. Sure she’s missing a head…and arms… but she’s a beauty and a must see when in Paris. Nike was the Goddess of Victory. With this lady on your side, success is a done deal. Not being particularly blessed with sporting prowess it’s odd that she strikes such a cord with me, but there you are – she flies and that’s pretty ruddy cool.

Not only is Gaia the Goddess of the Earth, she was also the FIRST God. She’s not created by a male deity and exists utterly in her own right. Without her, there would be no other Gods. Gaia is the most enduring Goddess, maintaining a presence in hearts across the world even now. Mother Earth is a topic of strong conversation these days, and a strong motivation for us to change our ways. The girl’s still got some pretty impressive sway!

Often overlooked as merely the wife of Poseidon, Amphitrite was actually the Goddess of The Sea and responsible for birthing dolphins and seals. She is the personification of saltwater, and capable of driving men mad. Some mythology even suggests that she ruled the seas even before Poseidon rocked up!
As the Goddess of The Sea, she’s the perfect partner for Gaia, and even if not so well known, is inspiring just as much change.

So there you have it…. a quick roundup of some extremely inspirational women. I really hope you love them as much as I do!


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