Embracing Your Dark Side

I am ALL about dark dark DARK rooms right now. I spend a disproportionate amount of time with my Farrow & Ball swatch booklet (and not necessarily “present” with my husband and child) and am deeply feeling the dark greens, blues and full on blacks.

When I revamped my bedroom, I painted the back wall in Farrow & Ball’s Railings. And I adore it! But I was too scared to go the whole hog with all the walls.

But the living room was always one space I couldn’t pull my dark thoughts from. When we moved in, the walls were a nauseating shade of purple that I feared would bring on my Morning Sickness so I induced my lovely father-in-law to make it a horrible memory and cover it with much more palatable grey.

But once I had some time to plan…scour many Pins…read many magazines…gaze at the walls whilst Ben watches football…. I found some seriously beautiful inspiration! Devilishly dark interiors feel, cosy yet elegant, seductive, enigmatic and so so luxurious. I adore the way brights look less garish but still really pop against deeper tones and brasses, golds, and coppers lose any sense of cheap “blingyness” and take on an opulent touch.

I got brave and that safe grey is now a distant memory. Railings rules supreme and I’m planning the next dark space already!

Top Tips to Embrace the Dark Side

* north facing, gloomy, or small room? Don’t bother trying to lighten the space with bright shades. All you will do is highlight a dingy space. Instead work with the light you have and pick a darker shade.
* Use a large mirror to bounce light around the room. If you can place it opposite a window so much the better.
* A cosy palette needs layers of textures to bring extra depth. I’m a sucker for velvets, which I intersperse with faux furs and sheepskins.
* A dark room needs some extra oomph for lighting. Lamps for everyone – you can never had too many! Place lighting at different levels for interest and to light up tricky corners.
* Art really pops against a dark background. White canvases and bright colours really sing. The metallics added to our beautiful pieces bring extra wow!
* Partner in pattern. Break up the darks with punchy patterns. Don’t be cautious – cushions are great, but why not really go for it with a splashy fabric over an armchair?
* Above all, faint heart never won fair interiors! Be brave and really give it a go. It’s only paint after all!

Good luck!

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