Want to know a SEA-cret?…

Want to be in the know when it comes to the next homeware trends?  Well, we have a top tip for you – Pantone have already (accidently?) revealed that the 2020 Colour Of The Year will be heavily influenced by the sea.  So you can bet your bottom dollar that all things marine will be one of next year’s big stories!

Now, we’re not going to start stocking decorative lifebelts and wooden seagulls.  We don’t really go in for the obvious Sailor Blue and White decor.  BUT we are fully on board for beachy and underwater vibes; think cool greens, corally pinks and oranges, and golden sandy shades – We really love the contrast with our darker spaces, but for those of you with light and airy rooms, this is the perfect way to embrace a costal vibe without taking an overly thematic route.  And if we do say so ourselves, we’re ahead of the game on this one! So to help you get into a similar state of smugness, we’ve selected some of our top Pelagic Picks for you:

First up is our stunning Amphitrite: our goddess of the sea! Which a mane full of corals and creatures, she’s a stunner that will make a high impact on this trend, without going traditionally nautical.

One of our most popular products, the Bamboo Day bed, blends beautifully with this beachy trend.  Whilst we can’t place ours in the shallows of a Maldives beach, whilst sipping a Pina Colada, its a great piece for casual lounging at home.  And a Pina Colada is never tied to geography!

Our Lantern brings all the beachy vibes, whether you’re in or outdoors.  It’s slatted cage conjures up a driftwood romance and when lit the flickering shadows are beautiful.  We’ve been using ours outside all summer with citronella but now we’ve bought them in to cosify the house.  Pass us a sea scented candle!

We’ve lived our whole lives by the sea and absolutely love the waves (to the point that the soothing sounds are used to drown out a certain someone’s nightly snoring!). The ripples on this vase are reminiscent of the days when the water is like a mill pond, gently lapping away all the stresses of life off of the beach.  The fact that its a gorgeous sea green doesn’t hurt matters either!

Life a beach!  And we bring the Tropical climes we’re sadly lacking with our gold palm ornament.  This baby serves as my paperweight on cocktail cookbooks.  I don’t really think there’s much of a better reason to make yourself a mojito!

Actually, with that in mind……..

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