A Closer Look At Our Home – Living Room

This room used to be purple (inherited colour) and then grey (chosen speedily to hide said purple). We bricked up a massive but pointless window and an equally pointless door and the world was our lobster!

Farrow & Ball Railings is and I think always will be, my true paint love. When I suggested it, Ben wasn’t sure, but knew I wouldn’t let it go! We also knew we wanted a green velvet sofa and plantation shutters. Beyond that, the room has always been very organic. The issue with that is when I see something I love, I get it and figure out where it’s going later! It can mean I buy things that just won’t work and it drives Ben bananas! That being said, everything always finds a place somewhere in this house!

The huge ‘I want it’ print is something I saw from an amazing artist turned interiors professional. She is no longer producing these but very kindly did an extra large version for me, so I always recommend asking the questions for the things you love. You may end up with something truly extra special!

The ever present concern with Maximilism is that you can end up with a room feeling completely bonkers. And as long as that’s a reflection of you, I say crack on with that! But if you want to pair it back a little I would recommend trying to keep things neutral and more muted overall with a couple of crazy punches of colours (just to be clear, leopard print and gold – both neutrals, so you don’t need to compromise there!). Above all though I say, if you love it, get it. You’ll not go wrong with true love!