Why Spencer & Fox?

Over the last year we’ve all been scrabbling. We’ve all felt it, don’t pretend you haven’t! Working from home has blurred the lines between professional and personal time. Many people have been fighting to keep businesses alive and jobs running remotely. And if you’ve had to deal with Home Learning….. well, thank heavens for wine! We’ve all had to carve out a new way of managing our time, our sanity and our lives.

It’s been much the same for us. Our day jobs have frankly been bananas since the day the first Lockdown kicked in. It feels like we’ve been running a race for months and although the finish line is finally in sight, it’s made us realise that the way we’ve been doing things wasn’t quite the way we had intended.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve loved every moment, but this quickly turned into a “business” rather than an echo of our passion. We set out to bring our personal style to all our wonderful clients, but that wasn’t just by selling our pieces. We wanted to create a community, to shout out other amazing retailers, and to build a business that supported people we love and admire.

Over the last year we have watched so many of these fabulous people pivot to manage challenges under the cloud of Covid and of Brexit. We’ve seen people do amazing things and we were reminded of that community we had hoped to build.

So we’re making a bit of a reversal. We’re going back to the roots of what we started and so you’re going to see some changes. We will still be selling the beautiful pieces we love, don’t worry, but we’re going to also shout about other people a lot more. It’ll be less about the shopping Insta posts and more about the people behind our style and influences.

To that end, we thought we might as well have a name change at the same time. Focist has never been entirely right, we’ve had some fun pronunciations! So we will hence forth known as Spencer & Fox. Spencer because, well it’s our name! And Fox because of a very wonderful former career I had that is a huge part of the woman I turned into. Foxes are prevalent throughout our home as a little nod to this core element of me, so it makes sense to include it now!

So that’s it really, it’s all going to be very fun, probably still a massive juggle, and there will be some exciting people to meet along the way! We really hope you’ll join us for the ride.

Jess, Ben & Ralph x

(But what do we call FocistCat??!)