About Us

Spencer & Fox is led by husband and wife team: Ben & Jess, and office cat Ralph!*

We’ve long been passionate about interiors, and spend all our time combing the globe for the perfect pieces to include in our home. We love to curate our home into a collection of fun, eclectic and luxurious pieces that spark joy, and that is a feeling we want to share!

Our personal vow is never to have anything on sale that we wouldn’t put in our own home, meaning that everything is carefully hand-picked by us. And we want to share our amazing finds with you whether we stock them or not, so do check-in for our recommendations!!

Your home is your sanctuary, make it joyful!

*we have a 4 cat household but 3 of them are fiercely private!

Our Ralph is involved in every part of the office business and loves nothing more than a stock take – boxes everywhere! Ralph is all about the food and the cuddles and is about as Dog as it’s possible for a Cat to be.

Jess has loved interiors since her Grandad built her her first dolls house. It was absolutely NOT for playing with. It was for LOOKING at and agreeing that she had lovely taste! Since then, the aesthetic and the scale has come on somewhat, but the love of having everything “just so” has not waned. She loves her interiors with a boat load of animal motifs, gold tones and touchability!

Ben is very patient! He has spent the best part of a decade coming home to find the furniture in a different locale to where he left it, new items installed as if they had always been, and learnt not to ask how much anything costs. He does however, have superb taste (wife and cat as evidence) and phenomenal tech, organisation and support skills. The brains behind the business, he is also the only one who can genuinely make a decent cup of tea!